US Admissions

Stand Out From The Crowd

The US application process is one of the most demanding in the world. To become a great candidate, you have to excel at school, show how you’ll contribute to university life, and demonstrate you’re headed for great things. This is how to get there.

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Choosing your major

Deciding what major to take can be tough. You need one you’re passionate about, plays to your strengths, and sets you up for success later down the line.

And whilst you don’t have to make a decision now, having an idea of what you’re interested in will help you select the right university and build a top-class application. Which is where we can help. 

Our mentors will listen to your interests, help you make a shortlist of majors, and point you towards a range of books, courses, and other materials to deepen your knowledge of them.

Choosing your university

Are you set on an Ivy League University, a Liberal Arts School, or a Public College? Or are you still unsure where to go?

With the help of your mentors, you’ll get a better understanding of what school is right for you. We’ll go through your financial requirements, your preferences, and work out which ones suit your academic record. It’s all about finding that perfect fit.


You need more than a high GPA to get into top colleges, but it’s still essential if you want to be accepted. And there’s no one better than our mentors to help you find ways to improve your score.

They’ll take a close look at what you’re struggling with, offer time management strategies, and help you prioritize what you need to focus on.


As you probably know, getting top marks on your SATs isn’t easy. It requires great problem-solving skills, high levels of focus, and a lot of critical thinking. 

But if you’re panicking about it, relax. Students who have gone through our coaching program have seen scores go up by 150 points. A bit of expert help can make all the difference.

Building your candidacy

Gone are the days when admissions committees only look for top grades. You now need to impress them with your personality, beliefs, ideas, and character. You have to create a personal brand.

We’ll help you create this by listening to who you are, finding out what you’ve done, and showing you how to turn your application into one that feels genuinely unique.


Your extracurriculars are at the heart of your application. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need an amazing back catalog of activities to draw on.

This is where we’re different from other academic consultancies. We’ll assess your profile, give you advice on how to improve it, and help you turn ideas into fully-fledged projects. In the past, we’ve helped students organise conferences, create successful blogs, and set up game-changing, online social platforms. This is your chance to really shine.

Common App Personal Statement

What makes you unique? How do you see the world? What makes you tick?

This is what you need to know before writing your Common App Essay. And even after that, it’s no easy task. In just 650 words you have to show off your academic ability, contributions to the community, and passion for specific subjects – all whilst making it feel original.

It’s ok though, our mentors will help make your statement snap, crackle, and pop. They’ll work with you on draft after draft until it’s something you’re genuinely proud of.

Supplemental Essays

Not every school will ask for a supplemental essay, but if they do, it’s an extra opportunity to showcase your personality and academic ability. 

We’ll help you come up with ideas, articulate your thoughts, and impress the reader in just a few paragraphs.


Nothing adds weight to an application like a detailed recommendation letter. It could be from your teacher, your counselor, or a supervisor in an organisation you’re a part of.

But whoever writes it, remember, it’s a chance to show the admissions officer what you’re like beyond your grades or academic ability. And because it’s such an important step, we’ll help you pick the right people to ask and explain exactly what you need to say to them.


Most top colleges put you through an interview with their alumni. It’s one of the last steps in the application process – and one of the most important. A strong letter of support is often the deciding factor between similar applicants.

And as all our mentors are alumni themselves, they’re in the perfect place to train you up and make sure you ace the interview.

Accepting your offer

Imagine this… all the prep work is done and dusted, you’ve submitted your application, and that letter from the college has finally arrived.

Now, you might get an acceptance letter, but it’s possible you could get a deferral or even a rejection. If that’s the case, the battle isn’t lost. We’ll give you expert advice on how to move forward. There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.

Financial aid/ Scholarships

We’re aware not everyone can pay full tuition fees. If you are looking for help, it’s useful to know what financial aid is available and the best way to apply for it.

All our mentors have an in-depth knowledge of different funding bodies and institutional grants, and will help you through every step of the application process.