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In order to apply for a discussion about our programs, please fill out this form.
After completion, a member of the Upgrade Education team will contact you to qualify you for the meeting. Please check your inbox and/or Spam folder, your Whatsapp, or wait for our phone call. Thank you!

1. The first step to getting in touch with your mentor and starting on your university journey is filling in the form on the right-hand side of the screen. With this information, we will start the process of qualifying your profile.

2. Someone from the Upgrade Education team will have a short chat with you to discuss a starting-up plan. You’ll be contacted via phone, email or Whatsapp, so make sure you’re checking your messages.

3. If you pass our qualifying round, we’ll schedule an online meeting between you, a parent and a mentor. You and your parent can log on from different computers if you can’t attend the meeting from the same location.

4. In the meeting, we’ll get to know more about you and your achievements, and will teach you about the application process. Based on what we discuss we’ll come up with an action for getting you into your dream university.

5. In the final step, you’ll be matched with your mentor(s) and onboarded on our platform to become an Upgrade Student!