Career Counseling

Find Your Perfect Career

With our 1-2-1 career counselling service, we’ll help you understand your strengths, discover new career options, and plan an academic roadmap for how to get there.

Why you need this:

Choosing a career path when you’re still at school is hard. Really hard. There are lots of possible paths you could take, and it’s almost impossible to work it out alone. Which is what we’re here for.

Our career experts will help you narrow down your options and identify a career that aligns with your interests. So you don’t end up doing degree after degree… after degree, just to land your perfect job.

Future Proof Your Career

The average person changes careers 5-7 times throughout their life. That’s a lot of re-skilling.

Because we live in a constantly evolving job market, being hyper-focused on one profession isn’t always the best approach. Instead, the key to future-proofing your career is building transferable skills and understanding where your strengths lie.

That’s what makes us different from your standard career service.

A Holistic Approach
We go beyond the typical personality test that delivers one career option. After the programme, you’ll have a clearer understanding of your strengths, a list of potential careers to choose from, and an awareness of what fields you’ll thrive in.


Better Decision-Making Skills
As you progress through you’re career you’ll make a lot of tough decisions, from what offers to take, to what avenues you should leave behind. We’ll show you how to assess your options, how to clarify your long-term vision, and how to make those final choices.


A Personalised Career Plan
Together with a Career Counselor, you’ll create your own roadmap for success. This will include what undergraduate programmes to target, what extracurriculars you should start thinking about, and a detailed timeline of when you need to do what.