European Universities

Planning to apply to European universities? We can help.

Maybe you’ve been dreaming about studying in the streets of Paris, or by the canals of Amsterdam. It’s a lovely thought, right?

Europe is home to some incredible cities and universities. You’ll be able to shuffle around study modules, take open courses, do an internship in the country of your university or abroad, and be part of a student exchange programme. Here is how we’ll get you there.

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Choosing Your Programme

We know this can be overwhelming. Europe is a big, diverse place, and there are lots of programmes to pick from. 

Still, you have to know what you want to study from the get-go. That way you’ll be able to put together an application that’s as specific as possible. And we’ll guide you through this process from the first idea to the final decision.

Choosing your country

There are so many places to choose from! Picking just one isn’t easy. If you’re still torn between Prague and Amsterdam, or Paris and Milan, don’t worry, we’ve got you.

With the help of your mentor, we’ll help you analyse the differences in post-graduation opportunities, teaching methods, living costs, and whether you’ll be a cultural fit for that country.

Choosing your university

How are you deciding where to go? Are you looking at rankings, student forums, or going on what you’ve heard from older students at your school?

All of these are useful, but there are a few other issues we’ll help you look at, like the admission requirements of the universities, the limit of applications you can submit in that country, and post-graduate salaries.

Required documents and Selection Procedures

Working out how to apply and what documents you need can be tricky – not every university in Europe has a straightforward application process.

To make it easier for you and to avoid extra stress, we’ll help you navigate through universities’ websites to find out exactly what documents you need to submit and how. 

Entrance exams

A lot of programmes in Europe ask for applicants to take exams as a part of their selection procedure. From the SAT to A-levels to university-specific entrance exams, there’s a lot you need to prepare for.

Our mentors will draw on their own experience to help you through this. They’ll explain what type of questions you’ll get and will give you mock papers so you can get a feel for what’s to come.

Motivation Letters

As well as exams, a handful of top universities in Europe ask for what’s called a motivation letter. In it, you’ll have to convince the admissions committee you have the passion and the skills to succeed in the field you’re applying for. 

Our mentors will really help here. They’ll show you how to write an original, creative, and thought-provoking essay that makes you stand out from the rest of the applications.

Recommendation letters

Getting recommendations might seem simple, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. 

It’s not just about academic praise from a teacher. They need to show off your individuality, your passion for the subject, and your character strengths. Your mentors will guide you through this by going over your options and explaining how to approach people in the right way.


Have you done any extracurricular activities to make the admission committee take notice of you?

If so, amazing. You can add them to your CV, as long as they fit in with the rest of your application. If not, don’t worry, we’ll help you think about what you can do to impress. 

Then we’ll make sure it turns into a real-life project – just like we’ve done for countless students around Europe, who’ve set up successful conferences, blogs, and online platforms around their field of interest.


For a lot of you, sitting in front of an admission committee is the most nerve-wracking part of the application process. You’ll need to answer questions about your motivation letter, your CV, and your overall interest in the subject you’ve chosen.

It’s crucial you get this part right. Which is why our mentors will help you prepare properly with mock interviews and a ton of tips and tricks on how to improve your answers.

Financing your studies

Struggling to find out how you can finance your studies? With so many universities and countries to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start.

But you’re in luck. Our mentors are experts in this area. They’ll go through all the grants and scholarships that are available to help cover tuition fees and expenses.

Finding accommodation

After you’ve completed your application, received your conditional offer, and had your final exams, you still have one thing to do: find the right accommodation.

This can be time-consuming and costly if you don’t know where to start. Which is why it’s so useful to have our mentors at your side, who know the university you’re heading to inside out. They’ll help you find a place that matches your price range and gives you the experience you’ve been dreaming of.