UK Medical Admissions

Are you dreaming of becoming a doctor? Have you set your sights on a top UK university?

We can help you get there. With our experience of guiding students through the admission process of universities from Oxford to Imperial to King’s College London, you and your application are in safe hands.

Talk to a mentor

Choosing your university

Do you know where you would like to study medicine in the UK?

Your mentors will listen to what type of programmes you’re interested in, find out what universities fit with your academic record, and come up with a list for you to choose from.


Are your grades good enough to get you accepted?

UK medical programmes are highly competitive, with four students applying for one position. And with the high entrance requirements of AAA in your A-levels, getting high grades is a prerequisite to building a strong application. We’ll sit you down, see where you’re struggling, and show you how to improve.

Building your candidacy

The best applicants for medicine can demonstrate just how dedicated they are to becoming a doctor. But this isn’t always easy to do.

With your mentor, you’ll learn how to show off your activities, academic results, and passion for medicine, and create an application that will convince the admissions committee you’ll become a first-rate doctor.


How can you show your passion for medicine? Through extracurricular activities and internships in the field. 

For instance, you could be a part of a Red Cross initiative in your community, or you could develop a project focused on giving first aid training to the students and teachers of your school. Your mentors will help you find opportunities, like this, for building your extracurricular portfolio.

Medical School Exams

Do you know what to expect from the UCAT and BMAT exams?

To increase your chances of getting top marks, we recommend you do as many mock exams as possible so you’re acquainted with the tests. Your mentor will help you through these, help you with tricky questions, and get into tip-top shape for your entrance exams.

UCAS Personal Statement

Your personal statement is central to your application – but it isn’t straightforward. 

You’ve only got 500 words to write about your passion, achievements, and work in the field of medicine. It has to show, without a shadow of a doubt, that you are determined to become a doctor and that this profession fits your beliefs and values. Your mentor will show you how to combine this information into an original essay that stands out from the rest.


Do you know what kind of questions you might get in a medicine admissions interview? How about how the best way to answer them?

You need to demonstrate your knowledge, show you can think on your feet, and get across your passion for the subject. Seem difficult? If so, it’s ok. Your mentor will train you up until you’re confident you’ll breeze through it.

Evaluating your offer

UCAS allows you to apply to four medical programmes and one safety programme in another field. But do you know whether you’ll meet the university’s acceptance conditions?

When deciding on which offers to accept, you have to be objective in your judgment. And expert advice from a person who knows you and your evolution throughout the application process will make a big difference. Your mentors will discuss the offers with you and help you meet the admission requirements.